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Why buy a physical color chip?

The way a color looks online is heavily dependent on your phone/monitor/the current phase of the moon. Not to mention the quality of the supplier's photograph. Also, no photo can fully account for factors like finish (matte, gloss, glitter) or opacity.

When choosing colors for a multi-color print, there's also no substitute for holding samples side by side, as our perception of a color is affected by what we see around it.

In short, when choosing the color of a physical material it's always more accurate to see a physical sample.

How are The Print Codex color chips different than the millions of color swatch chips already on printables/thang/thingiverse?

We sell complete sets of pre-printed filament swatch chips so that you don't need to spend your hard earned money on filament you may not use.

Functionally, they aren't that different. In fact, before The Print Codex we released the "Filament Color System" on Printables with the intent of providing an easy system for users to keep track of materials they purchased and the help them identify materials/colors used in previous prints.

Can I add my own chips to personalise my print codex?

Of course! That's something we very much want to support, your print codex should be personalised to you!

Check out our STL/3MF models on Printables

Can you make samples for [material]?

Of course we can! The real question is how much demand is there for any given material? To help us know what the community wants please:

  1. Email us at
  2. Subscribe to our mailing list so you stay up to date with new and upcoming sets.

Why doesn't my chip perfectly match the filament I purchased?

Unfortunately, we can't control for every slight color variance between batches by a supplier.

We purchase the filament from reputable sources such as official resellers so that we can guarantee it's genuine, and it is something we will be tracking over time with each roll purchased.

If you have any concerns please reach out via our contact form or email as we want to hear from you.

Are you affiliated with any filament manufacturers?

No, we are wholly independent of all manufacturers and resellers.

We do however communicate with them so we can plan for upcoming products and changes.

How should I store my color chips?

However you want, they are yours after all!

But if you are trying to keep them as accurate as possible:

  • Keep them out of sunlight in a box or a drawer. This will reduce the chance of UV damage and color fading.
  • Keep them dry and away from humidity. This will keep the labels in good condition.
  • Keep them at a normal room temperature: 5C to 35C. This will ensure they don't warp or deform in the heat and snap from being too brittle.

What printer and print settings do you use?

We currently use a range of Bambu Lab Printers. Specifically X1C and P1S.

The specific print settings may change from chip to chip. The key parameters are in the database. We will be sharing the profiles soon™.

How will the chips arrive?

Your purchase will be wrapped in hex paper for protection put into a cardboard box and shipped out to you directly from us.

You can purchase a 3D printed storage box if you would like.

Why don't you ship to [country]?

We are a small business starting out and still finding our feet. If we don't ship to you please reach out to us at and we will see what we can do for you.

Import Taxes for [Country]?

We are a small business starting out and still finding our feet. So, we do not include any import or sales taxes into our Kickstarter or online sales.

This excludes Australia where the chips are manufactured and GST is included.

When will you be launching new sets?

As soon as there is demand and we have the capital for the initial outlay.

Let us know what you want!