• Easily Transportable

    Have a wide selection of swatch chips on hand when family, friends and customers are looking for a 3D print - without having to buy all the rolls.

  • Buy Right the First Time

    Know exactly what color and finish you're getting before you order a roll. Avoid the waste of filaments that aren't what you expected.

  • Avoid the Maintenance

    Have swatches on hand without having to open the roll before you're ready to print - meaning no worrying about water absorption.

Nice to meet you...

So you're telling me that choosing between "Pineapple Yellow" and "Pastel Banana" for your 3D prints can be confusing? We love color and wanted to embrace it within 3D printing, but colors were never quite as we expected...

And so, we've brought you The Print Codex. You'll be able to choose the perfect color for your prints without breaking the bank, as well as reference our online database whenever you need.

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Print Your Own

Looking to expand beyond what we're offering and add your own chips to your codex? Take a look at our Print Your Own page to see your options!